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"胸ポケのお洒落テク" -挿して華やか、開けば「可愛い♪」なポケットチーフを発見した!


「あれ、これはもしや! Mr.SLOWBOYのイラストですか?」と企画担当の奥野さんに尋ねると......。 

「分かりますか~? スローボーイさんのファンだったので、インスタでDM送ったら、リングヂャケットのファンでもあるよということで、描いてもらえることになったんです!」とのこと。 

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The Gentleman's Journal


Interview: We talk to menswear artist, Mr Slowboy


You know you've made it when you've got a portrait of yourself in oil on canvas hanging over your fireplace...


In the meantime, for something a bit more affordable and much more whimsical, reach out to the 36-year-old London-based artist known as Mr. Slowboy. You can email him photos to work from, which certainly beats trying to sit still for a hundred hours. Gentleman’s Journal recently reached out to the mysterious artist to find out more about his work. Read more



Put This On


Interview with Illustrator Fei Wang, aka Mr. Slowboy


For a long time it seemed like the only menswear illustration you saw was vintage Apparel Arts men and Free & Easy’s smirking Steve-ish McQueens. Now we’re getting new perspectives like Ryan’s and Graeme’s; likewise, Fei Wang’s retro-styled, two-dimensional portraits, posted to his Mr. Slowboy Instagram, are a breath of fresh air. Wang uses pencil and watercolor on paper to create vivid depictions of style he appreciates (mostly men’s) and some specific personalities you may recognize. His art is deceptively simple and sneakily sophisticated–with just a few lines he really captures silhouettes and character. Read more



The Ivy Style


What, Me Hurry? An Interview With Menswear Illustrator Mr. Slowboy


Over the years, one of the recurring themes at Ivy Style has been the lost art of menswear illustration. From JC Leyendecker’s Harvard jocks of the teens and ’20s to Esquire and Apparel Arts in the ’30s, from Ivy ads in the ’50s and ’60s to contemporary Japanese illustration, we’ve presented it all and many of you are as charmed by the detail and wit as I am. Read more


The Bureau: Mr Slowboy

I spent the previous 12 years making all sorts of advertisements in the creative department of an American ad agency in Beijing, while illustration was always my biggest hobby on the side. I have been interested in menswear since I was in college, and my focus shifted from street style to classic menswear and workwear. Read more

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